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Create an account on this platform with valid personal data.
Select a single subject or course you have great confidence at.
Apply under a category depending on your desired reward value.

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Step Two
Get Screened

Practise objective questions in your applied subject
Be sure to have a reliable internet connection and power supply
Enter the screening hall to get screened on the subject you registered

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Get Sponsored

Attempt all the questions as quickly as possible. Submit without delay and get the result immediately
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"Young people must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive the highest education possible so that they can represent us well in future as future leaders."
- Nelson Mandela.

What we do

We are using this to recognize and honour the talents of every young and smart African.
We hope to bring all young Africans closer to fulfilling their dreams by fortifying them with the support they need in the course of their studies.

Our services go beyond providing just scholarship funds. We promise to provide them with legal advice and aids, organise life-changing seminars and conferences, sponsor meet-ups, facilitate internship placement and so on.

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Referral Program

A unique coupon code will be mailed to you upon every successful application. Share this code with your friend and he/she enjoys 10% discount during their own application.
Note that a referred applicant would not be issued a coupon code upon successful application.

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Reliable System

The exam system has been designed to provide reliability and ease of use.

Modern Interfaces

The system is rendered in clean user interfaces. We have made it clean, smooth and non-distracting to enable users focus during examination

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Reliable Computations

The system has been tested to ensure that whatever options the candidates picked are what are marked by the system.

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